Logic Pro 9 Help! Please!


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Hello I have a problem. My already recorded songs in my Korg M3 play fine when logic is closed, exactly how i want them to play. However when I open logic and play the same songs some of the instruments are playing out of order. A rep from Korg told me it sounds like a Logic issue where Logic is somehow making a program change for some reason.:brkwl: If anyone can help me with this i would gladly appreciate it.

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What do you mean by the instruments are playing out of order?

One problem I've experienced is if you have a midi track in Logic highlighted when you change to a different combi or save your combi on the M3, the track on the M3 with the same midi channel ends up being written with the same number as the combi...very annoying. I just make sure I have an audio track highlighted in Logic before making and changes or save on the M3.
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