Logic Pro 8 Help! Problems on MacBook Pro


I'm running Logic 8 on a MacBook Pro 2.26 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 GB 1067 MHz DDR3, OSX 10.6.3.

Lately (I think - can't prove it, but it feels like something new) I've been having severe problems with logic overloading.
It seems like suddenly I can hardly get through a single song without this happening, even if it uses only a few channels and hardly any plugins.

What usually happens is that it goes along fine for a while, with not much CPU-usage - And then suddenly bottoms out. More often than not, this happens on the second or third pass of a loop - Generally, I've a feeling that CPU-usage increases on each pass of a loop (are there any known memory-leakage problems?).

In another thread, I found this benchmark test (http://www.evan.se/logicprobenchmark/). When I run this, I can can only barely manage one track un-muted - That can't be right, can it?
You may find the speed of your internal drive is an issue, if it's a 5200rpm drive. Try saving your songs to an external drive (which will most likely be 7200rpm) and see if you get the same issues. I had this problem recently, and moving the songs to a faster drive fixed things up markedly.

G5 iMac, 2.5GB RAM, OSX 10.4.11, Logic 8, Mackie Onyx Satellite interface, several external F/W and USB drives
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My poor wallet...

I actually got this tip via Apple too - After following another tip to upgrade to Logic 9 hadn't panned out quite as I had hoped. I got this link from them, perhaps someone else might find it useful: http://support.apple.com/kb/TA24535?viewlocale=en_US

Interesting twist here is that one of the reasons that I bought this macbook because I wasn't pleased with my macmini+external hard drive setup for running Logic.

Well, well, hopefully one of these days I'll get far enough along to actually get around to making music...
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My situation here is not much better. So far I can tell I have almost the same MBP as you (2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo) but 4 GB RAM. I am on Logic 9 and the whole system went weaker over time. I tend to think that it is not Logic itself but several "upgrades" of the operating system.

A year ago I had seldom to freeze tracks but now it is quite normal again, as it was with Logic 6 or 7 on much slower Macs. Although I basically like Apple and Logic, I cannot say that I like this kind of evolution. I cannot recommend to use MBPs of the generation we have for Logic or Mainstage. At least I think that your MPB is similar to mine. I don't know how the newer models behave but haven't heard people complaining.
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Thank's - there's actually some comfort in knowing that someone else is experiencing similar problems with a similar setup. It means I can settle down to grinding my teeth, in stead of banging my head against the wall. Only a bit less painful but much more constructive. At least I won't have that nagging feeling that I'm doing something wrong and try endlessly to fix it.

Btw I have also upgraded my RAM to 4 GB since I started this thread and (silly me) remembered that I went for a HD upgrade when I bought this mac - So I already have a 7200 rpm HD, so that path is a no go...

I know that I whine a bit, but very fond of logic - Though I wouldn't mind it being a little kinder to my processor,
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