help, recording a live band, what hardware do I need?

I have a mac pro with no external hardware, I know logic, but have never used it to record real instruments. My nephews are playing around with real drums, guitars and amps and I want to to know basically (very basically) what is needed to record their songs in logic.

There is a drummer, a guitarist and bass player.

This music will only be heard by friends, and some of them probably won't even play it,

My question is what hardware do I need to get the music into the computer.

1. a mic (I know this much)

2. the mics will go to some interface?

3. that interface will plug into a new sound card I'll need?

I searched several user groups and youtube for a while and couldn't make sense of it. If somebody would be so kind to just share the VERY BASICS of what hardware I'm looking for, I think that would be very nice!:thmbup:



Well lets start from the top.
are you recording just a stereo feed of their performance, or multi tracking?
if just recording stereo to the puter, then a small mixer and a 2 channel usb or even the mac's built in i/o.
if multi tracking then:
drums, how many mics are you going to use? (add number)
guitar, mic'd amp? or through a multi fx stomp box? (mics or lines, or both basically) add these....
bass, mic or di or both, add these.
live vocals and scratch vocals, add these.
ad 2-4 more inputs for the last minute kazoo and violinist ;) that want to jam along, add these.
now you have your input requirements. be it 8, 10, 12 and so on.
that'll narrow down the hardware you might need. just to capture them.
how many mixes do you need to feed. headphones, monitors, add these.
thatll give you a better picture of what to look at. firewire, usb or pci card with external i/o.
now determine your budget and start rockin'
hope this helps