help to optimise my monitor settings and placement.


My room has been adapted by a specialist, good non-parallelism, plenty of appropriate damping and traps.

I have a pair of of Genelec S30NFs set into the wall.

I've just used the ARC2 system which tells me I am bass heavy, and when the plugin is in the output chain, my mixes sound a lot bass-lighter.

However, I have been advised to avoid plugin EQ modification of room problems.

I have 2 possible routes:

1. put the speakers on stands - which should remove some of the bass resonance from the back wall.

2. I could also leave the speakers where they are and roll off the bass on the built-in amps.

In either case, is there a simple way to use Logic to troubleshoot frequency anomalies in my room?

Some other way?

any advice would be welcome