Logic Pro 8 help w/ cleaning up projects


I'm trying to clean up a project. So I went to File-Project-Clean Up and it said "There is nothing left to remove"!

Great, the project must be cleaned up. But when I go to the audio bin and click Edit-Select Unused, tons of files get highlighted.

But I thought my project was already cleaned up.

Why are there tons of unused files in my audio bin if there is nothing left to remove?


Are you sure they are not unused regions, as opposed to the files themselves, that are being selected?


hi, yes I think they are unused regions. I posted the same thing in another forum and got this response:

From Logic 9 manual:

"Cleaning Up Projects
If there are any unused project files in your project folder, make use of the File>Project >Clean Up command."

The unused stuff in your audio bin is region data that points to an audio file saved in the audio files folder in your project folder.

so do you think it is ok for me to delete all those unused regions then?

Doug Zangar

Clean up project works only for removing audio files that are still in the project audio folder, but not linked to the project via the audio bin. You're doing the steps in the wrong order. Go to the bin, select unused files and delete. This safely removes all unused files/regions from the bin, but not from the project. Now that they are out of the bin, do the clean up project command. You'll get a dialogue box allowing you to confirm files for deletion. Once you delete them, they are gone from the project unless you reimport them. They are now residing in your trash can, with one last chance to recover any accidental deletions before you empty the trash.