Logic Pro X HELP!: WAV file will not synch with my Tracks


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Hello -

Here's the scenario:

A vocalist recorded a vocal track for me over an MP3 of my song. They sent me the WAV file of the vocal and an MP3 mix of the song with their vocal.

When I drop the MP3 mix with her vocal, it aligns/synchs perfectly with my tracks. However, the WAV file of just the vocal will not.

The WAV has a different starting point than the MP3 mix.... I'm thinking this has something to do with the problem.

So, my question: Does anyone know how I can Synch the vocal with my tracks? It doesn't appear that Logic is encountering any issue. This appears driven by my ability to align the track from a timing perspective.

I've tried using FLEX Time but I don't know how to use this well enough to get it to work. Any suggestions/ potential fixes?



If they are indeed the same tempo, you should be able to manually move the audio region until they align.

You may have to change the resolution of the snap value.

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