Logic Pro 9 Help with changeable MIDI file/Mr Sax


I have purchased the Sample Modeling kit and very good it is, too.

I have a peculiar problem with their downloadable MIDI File ( mentioned in a parallel thread)

If you listen to the audio demo of 'Tawny Phase' and then download and import the demo of same, here's what I get as filesizes:

1. from unzipped webfile: 87566 de-duped gets 15015
2. from composer: 49996 de-duped gets 13387
3. from developer: 47656 de-duped gets 12268

the unzipped webfile simply missed a host of detail and played badly. on closer examination had shedloads of events crowded very close together.

So I deleted duplicate events and it seemed to play OK.

Discussions with the developer resulted in them sending me 2 new versions of the file, with the results above.

The developer assures me that this problem does not occur with cubase.

Somehow exporting their MIDI results in lots of interpolated data showing up in Logic.

The above measurements have been done several times with consistent results. Some slight variations will be due to using different region and/or track names.

If the panel here get good results with the unzipped webfile, then clearly I have a problem with my Logic which I'd love to clear up

any feedback will be much appreciated




Hi Peter,

There' not much need for file exchange here between C6 and L9. However, the results are always unremarkable, meaning that they work as expected.

Maybe the SMF created in Cubase translates weird due to the data density in the file.

I'll have time this evening to revisit the file in both DAW.

On a side note, MIDI notes triggered by my gold brick Ztar are stacked up at the beginning of a MIDI region versus where they belong on the time line when recorded in Cubase. I'm told that this is a 3rd party programming issue. However the data is recorded accurately in L9.

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Based on the list editors of both apps, the data looks the same. Start time in Cubase is earlier. Tick value was also different, but otherwise the list data indicated the same controllers at the same intervals and values.

All of the CC# numbers indicated in the file were also evident in Logic's Hyper Draw (visible one at a time). In Cubase, multiple controller lanes can be set up below the Key editor (piano roll).

Both sound the same using the same Kontakt Band tenor sax.
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