Logic Pro 8 Help with Delay Compensation


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Hello Guys,
I've used Logic for about a year and love it.
One thing has me still confused regarding ADC, wonder if I can get some help clarifying.

I track audio with altiverbs on busses, this is so the already recorded tracks can be played back with some verb.
I don't use software monitoring when recording, however.

So, what I normally do is leave the ADC set to "All"

The Logic manual says after the explanantion of the way ADC works.

If software monitoring is not being used than Logic can position tracks properly and the adc setting will not matter.

So,..a question....finally.

If software montoring is NOT used, will Logic place recorded audio where it should be regardless of ADC setting and even if there are Delay causing plugins on Aux Busses?

thanks in advance guys.

I wish. I've been noticing compensation breaking on my busses, even with simple sidechaining using Logic's own compressor. I believe Logic is dropping the "All" setting when my CPUs begin to max, without asking me if that is ok with me first. Why software monitoring should have any bearing on ADC is a mystery to me. I need software monitoring off because I use live monitoring in my RME Fireface. I don't want Logic to monitor input, nor would I want that to have any affect on the ADC setting. If it does, that's a problem in my mind.

I think ADC is in need of some work, personally (although it beats the crap out of not having it, as is the case with ProTools LE). Still, it feels a little in my session work like a work in progress that Apple may or may not be ignoring.
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imo logic is too good of an app to have this not be a no-brainer that just works with the user being oblivious to it.

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