Logic Pro 9 Help with Magical 8bit Plugin


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Hello everyone, I'm new to Logic and to the forums.

I just got Logic Pro 9, and I wanted to download some plugins. I got the Magical 8bit Plug from YMCK, the Universal Binary since I am using an Intel Mac. I installed the plugin in the correct folder but now I can't find how to actually use the intstrument in Logic. I am really confused as I am thinking this should be really simple... :brkwl:

It says that it is successfully validated, so why am I not seeing where to select the plugin? I know it's not in the inserts. Someone please help! Thank you, it is much appreciated!!
Did you select an instrument track?

Won't work on a external synth (that would be a rack mount midi module), or audio (that would be audio from a mic)...

Add an instrument track, and then add it in the empty popup just about the stereo output of the new track.
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I have a new instrument track. I'm looking at a library filled with Apple instruments on the right hand side and on the left has "inserts" and sends". I'm not sure where the "empty popup" about the stereo output of the track is. I see "Stereo Out" above it is the instrument, i click on it and it brings up a window for a plug-in. I don't know how to get the Magical 8bit plug from here.
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There is a little guide that comes with Logic Pro. If you have no experience, I suggest you take an hour and go through it. It is excellent, and will help you resolve this issue for sure.
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