Help with MIO metering and monitor contol window


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Hello all- I'm new to this forum but have been a Uln-2 user for 5 years.
I'm mixing with the latest MIO update and a Uln-2d expanded with Logic 9.

Can someone help me to understand the relationship between the new MIO monitor controller and the output meters on my hardware?

I've recently began utilizing the monitor control window to switch between 2 sets of speakers. My monitor source is the MIO master fader. I've created 2 output paths: "A" goes to the Monitor LR outputs. "B" goes to the Main LR analog outputs. This works well enough for my speaker switching needs.

My problem is that I'd like to preserve some kind of pre monitor-control fader output metering on the front of the ULN-2 hardware as a mix bus indicator. I used to have this when I was using one set of speakers out of the monitor outputs alone. Right now I have no output metering while the Monitor LR outputs are selected, and "monitor control knob" dependent metering while the Main LR outputs are selected. very confused.

Is there a better way to route this setup?

thanks for your help,