Logic Pro 9 Help with Oxygen 49


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I've not seen this particular issue raised anywhere and can't figure out what's going on. I have the latest Logic Pro and have connected an m-Audio Oxygen 49 Midi controller. Although the oxygen doesn't show up in the midi utilities setup, Logic seems to recognize it. I can play any sound I want through Logic and it is obviously being inputed to the software. However, as soon as I hit play - trying to add a piano track to a song - the keyboard craps out, the LED shows some symbols then goes dark and freezes. I haven't got around to assigning any knobs or faders yet and the only fader operable is the no. 8 which controls volume. I also have an iContol and a Maschine Mikro attached which perhaps is part of the issue? The two other devices seem to be working fine. Forgive the long post. Essentially the problem is the keyboard goes off as son as I hit "play." Suggestions anyone? Thanks.


Does it show up in the system profiler, as a USB device?

I had problems with earlier versions of the Oxygen controllers where the USB would fail.

They replaced them, when the third one failed I moved to different models and now have no issues. O2, and Keystation 49.

I have seen that some Macs have issues with bus power, after sleep mode.
Full reboot is then required.

But if it doesn't show up in AMS, or the system profiler, I say you have a defective keyboard.