Logic Pro X HELP!!!!


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Hi there, I'm a real beginner with LPX and completely pulling my hair out with a new project.... I am not very technical either so do not understand anything apart from layman's terms which doesn't help
Basically I have laid down a MIDI piano track, and some of the notes are actually off the Beat markers within the bar on purpose, as I have played it how it sounds in my head. I spent ages manually moving each piano roll note across to wherever it should be with regards to how the song will eventually go.
Just as I thought I've got everything right, I went to record some vocals, but the midi piano track started speeding up in places and then going slower in others, so it was impossible to add a vocal because it was all out of time in certain areas. I have Googled and Google looking for an answer but I can't find anything to help me with my particular situation, I don't know what I've done, and I don't know anything about trying to use tempo etc.... I am completely lost as to what's going wrong. I have tried to work so hard on this track, and because I don't really understand all the functions and shortcuts it's all going wrong... I hope this is made sense and someone will be be able to offer me some help? TIA


Next time you record something, click on the thing that looks like a metronome.

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This will give you - a metronome. Learn to play to it. Now your recording will stay in time and others can add their performance to it without guessing your tempo.
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