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Hi everyone, I'm new to this Forum, so please excuse me if this is a little off the normal track. However l truly cannot find any good information on this.

Ok, l recently upgraded my system from a G5 to a Mac pro 2x 2.26 Quad core Intel Xeon with 6Gb of Ram, Installed a load of new software ( Logic Pro 9, EWQL Play, Omnishere, NI Komplete 6, Loads of other plug-ins and a shedload of Samples. Now the Mac pro came with 1 640Gb internal drive, which is fastly becoming full. As everything is on this one hard drive.

Logic has started to come up with "running low on memory, try not to install more plugins etc" and on occasions will shut it's self down.

So l deceided to purchase 2 more 640Gb Internal drives and another 8Gb of Ram.

Now my questions are these:

What is the best way to set up my system, do you guys have your sample Librays on seperate drives? If so, how would l go about this considering they are all already loaded on the first drive.

I see and hear allot of people commenting that they have Kontact samples on one drive, Play strings/brass on another, Woodwind/Percussion on another drive etc etc. Obviously this is the way to go, but whats the best way of doing this??

Also I've heard about Partitioning the drives, is this supposed to be for audio etc? What is the purpose of this?

Also is this a simple task? Would l have to reinstall software etc.

Any advice or direction on any of this would be greatly appreciated!!!!

Regards, Matt....


That running low on memory message has to do with how much ram Logic itself can address - which gets taxed when you have many large sample libraries loaded in simultaneously.

If you are running Snow Leopard - which you most likely are with a new Intel tower; try running Logic in 64 bit mode. This will help. Omnisphere and Kontakt (both demanding lots of sample memory) are both able to run in 64 bit mode. This should relieve the demands put on the internal ram limitaions of Logic in 32 bit mode.

Try it, see if it helps. It's certainly the simples and least expensive option to try!