Logic Pro 9 help

jake mckenna

New Member
I have logic express 9 and for some reason all the drum loops, piano's, all the instrument based loops are in grey and it wont let me select them. it was working yesterday so i was wondering if i pressed something to switch them off?
or whats the problem?

Doug Zangar

If this is happening in all your projects (and garageband) you've lost the indexing. You can find the loops on this path: user>library>audio. You'll see two folders. Apple Loops and Apple Loops index.

Drag the Apple Loops folder onto the loops browser in Logic to re-index.

If that doesn't work, you could have a permissions issue (did you move them to a new hard drive?) Or, such as I recently experienced on my laptop - nothing worked. I had to delete them and go back to the Logic install disk and re0install. No idea what happened, but that fixed the problem.
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