Here we go again


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Hi, folks. I KNOW this topic has been discussed many times, but I am getting a tad frustrated. I am a long-time (10 year) PT user. I even taught PT 101 and other recording stuff at a local college. BUT--since I am a Mac snob, I figured I would make the switch to LP X. Youtube and just diving in head first worked pretty well for me, until I hit the dreaded "sticking midi note" wall. One sticks, and one doesn't play at all. So far, only tried it with the included instruments.
Big Sur, 80g ram, 8-core
Controller: M-audio Keystation 61
Quick fix? I really want to get LP to work for me. I am sick of all things Avid. TYIA


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Not sure exactly what you mean by " the dreaded "sticking midi note" wall". Can you reproduce this? If so, care to describe how?

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