Logic Pro 8 here yesterday, gone today


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I am using LogicPro 8.0.2 on a power pc G5 iMac running OS 10.4.11
-working on a song this past week, all tracks played fine - came back to it a day later and the entire midi bass track (thumbstroke bass) is grayed back and produces no sound. all notes appear to be intact in the piano roll window and ESX24 appears in I/O slot in channel strip. Any suggestions on how to get that track back?
thanks in advance for you help.
Hey Robbie (I think this is you?),

Did you mute the region? Does the track volume meter show anything? A screen shot might help.

A workaround:

Create a new track with same channel strip setting.
Create a blank MIDI region the length you need to copy events.
View notes of problematic region in piano roll, select all (command A) and copy (command C).
Open blank MIDI region and paste (command V) - as the paste is based on playhead location, make sure it is at the start of your first note. Or use the edit menu item Paste at Original Position.

Call if this doesn't work.
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