Logic Pro 8 Hey users, how do you edit your "self-jams" from one project to another?

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The way I write music is to drag loops of drum loops I've previously created and saved using the piano roll editor (they are green and can be previewed in the from the Media>Loops menus on the right side of the interface. I record guitar parts to these after I drag then into the arrange window, where they conform to tempo. I change tempos often and use new loops, etc. What I end up with is sometimes a disparate bunch of ideas that don't necessarily make a good song.

For those of you who may write in a similar way, WHAT IS THE EASIEST WAY YOU HAVE FOUND TO ARRANGE THESE IDEAS IN A NEW PROJECT by pulling them from tab in the MEDIA>LOOP browser on the right hand side of the arrange window (where you are able to preview them first)?

What is the proper way to export your real audio (guitar parts) and MIDI generated clips (drum parts) as loops from projects and re-appropriate them from this loop browser for other projects, getting them to conform to tempo changes in the new project?

If anyone who writes a similar way could break down their workflow (maybe instead of trying to figure out what's wrong with the way I'm doing it), I'd be GREATLY appreciative of your examples.

For those of you who would like to know what I'm doing, the scenario is below:

I've exported loops from individual "self-jam sessions" file by saving the edited regions of the riffs and drum parts. I do so by going to Region>Add To Apple Loops Library> and saving it as a loop, which is supposed to conform to tempo as stated in the indication of the radio button when you create them.

The guitar riffs (which are real audio) are a blue icon with a little soundwave icon in it.

When I do the same with drum loops that I have created using the piano roll, these appear as a green icon with a note inside it. I am able to preview them in the MEDIA>LOOPS tab.

However, when I open a new project and try to drag these loops, my guitar riff loops conform to my global tempo track, but as soon as I add a drum loop and change the tempo, the drum loop will conform but not the guitar.

I've also tried exporting each of the guitar riff (regions) as audio files because I read something in the manual about the audio files needing to be saved in as SDII to conform to tempo, but that doesn't work either.

I've tried toggling between projects and cutting and pasting, but that's very confusing andinneficient because every time you open a new window, it has to load everything.
Apple Loops Maybe?

I'm spitting in the wind here cause I've never done it myself and it would kind of suck cause it would require an extra step, but could you export your audio loops and then use the Apple Loop tool to set all the tempo info so that they would then behave like an Apple Loop when you add them to a track?

Just a guess.

I thought it was "Apple Jacks" and "Froot Loops", anyway.
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