Hi folks. PACE problem crashing Logic

I am new to these forums and I send many greetings to all.

Was wondering if you all could help me. I am on a mac i5 MBP.
A few days ago i wanted to try out my friends digidesign m box2

So i plugged it in , Downloaded the drivers and ....all hell broke loose. It never worked for starters. Then I gave up and tried to uninstall all the digidesign stuff only to find that my computer was overun with all this pace garbage. I tried to uninstall it all by using the software the company has...but noooooo...of course it didnt work. My core audio and logic crashes. I really hate PACE stuff.

Short of wiping my drive clean i dont know what else to do.
On top of everything, the computer is now super sluggish and runs terrible.

Any ideas what to do?
Many kind regards
Phil M.
My experience w/ Avid (hardware and software) is that it leaves a lot of things behind when you uninstall it, including things that will automatically load at start up and run in the background. My guess is that if any of those processes is linked w/ the PACE stuff, you'll not be able to properly remove PACE.

That's really just a hint - something I'd look for while waiting for an better answer from one of the gurus here.

Good luck. :)
Thanks for the start bro! Highly appreciated, It really sucks this pace thing. I am leaning towards wiping the drive because of this.
CAn you revert to a previous Back Up - time machine for example? It's always advisable to back up before making any fundamental changes to your system, that includes installing new hardware with drivers.

COncerning Pace, have you looked under:

/library/application support/PACE Anti-piracy



If these exist, and you aren't using any other PACE / ilok protected software, you could try moving this folder and it's contents off your system, and see if that helps. There may however be other locations where PACE files are installed ...

HTH, kind regards

I can go back a week before I installed that program. But it makes me mad that i cant solve it by removing all this stuff.

Would it benefit me to do a clean start?
Have you tried to just install the latest version of Pace? I do tech support for people as a living and haven't seen anything like what you are describing due to pace, so the only thing I can guess is that the version of Pace that you are using is old and outdated.

As for Digidesign, well THAT would be my suggestions as to where your issues are coming from. The DAE drivers are crap, the hardware works at about half the efficiency of most other, and it sounds bad.

Have you deleted all your dae driver components?
Maybe installing the current version of Pace would allow their current installer to do its job properly and to uninstall the software afterwards. Not sure, but that's something I'd try before wiping the drive. Worst case, maybe the current version of their software wouldn't interfere as much.

Isn't it odd that you have to download that PACE b.s. to use Avid's hardware? I mean, for software, I could understand - though I personally stay away from those intruding copy-protection schemes. But hardware?
That is what I meant: install and remove, but the latest installer should be able to deal with the latest OS better than a couple of year old version (which I'm sure is on the Digi install CD).