Logic Pro 9 Hi-Hats plays unexpected accents

Andre Favreau

This is weird!

Logic is playing Hi-Hats from Superior Drummer 2.0, but there are specific notes during the song that are accented. The velocity however is at 60, but the sound seems to be playing 127 suddenly.

It also happens sometimes when i play Superior with my TD-3 drums. It never happens with Toontrack solo, only in Logic. It also seems that when I rhythmically move the note just a bit, the problem goes away. I've even deleted one of those notes and written another instead, but it still does that.

I think the problem started when I merged some regions that had different quantizations.

Does anyone have a clue what's going on?
I suspect that when you are quantizing notes you are inadvertently doubling up on some.

Open your event editor and take a look. If this is correct, "select overlapped events" then delete to remove them. This is assuming that your events are all short enough to not overlap between beats. If so you will have to shorten them first.
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George's reply seems very reasonable and maybe I'm hi-jacking this thread, but there's another thing that might also mess up e-drum tracks when you quantize them.

The Roland kits (other brands too I suppose) use CC's and aftertouch to transmit stuff like the position of your hits on the pads, for cymbal chokes and for degrees of openness of the hi-hat.

The TD3 is pretty limited in this respect, but I'm pretty sure it does use CC4 for the hi-hat and poly aftertouch for cymbal chokes.

If any of this information is used by your drum plug-in (CC4 for the hi-hat is almost certainly supported) and you quantize your track, the controller data may no longer align with the hits it's supposed to modulate. And that can sound pretty strange.

I'm certainly no Logic power user! But I suspect there's no way around this, except for manually moving any mis-aligned controller data?

Any input from you Logic pro's would be highly appreciated. Right now, I actually have to play tight... :angryfire: ;)
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