Logic Pro X hi pls help [._.]


ive been using logic only to produce and am just now getting into recording/mixing vocals. i have a vocal track and want to add a delay so i set up a bus and add my delay, then when i turn up my bus or send my vocal track gets louder! i don't want it louder i just want the delay! does anybody know why this happens or what i can do to fix this? i do hear my delay as i turn up the bus but it also raises the volume of the whole track and i dont want that pls help

Pete Thomas

Staff member
Something is wrong because by default when you add a reverb or delay to an auxilary via bus then it is set at 100% wet.

When you add a reverb or delay to the insert of an audio or instrument then by default there will be both dry and wet 9for you to adjust the mix)

I think you are probably using a bus directly as an audio object and in this case then by default I believe it may behave the same as an audio/instrument object so you can either adjust the plugin to be 100% wet, or set up use an aux which I believe is now the standard recommended way:

When you create a new bus send on an audio/inst, it should automatically create an aux in the mixer that has that bus as an input (instead of the old way by which you could just create a bus "object" in the mixer)

When you add a plugin to this it will automatically be 100% wet so you are only mixing up/down the treated signal, not the source signal.
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