Logic Pro 9 Hiding tracks in the arrange page only?


Hi, is there any way to do this?

I'd like to be able to have groups of tracks hidden on the arrange page, but still show up in the mixer.



Maybe use folders? When you pack a folder it still keeps all the channel strips out on the arrange page. Or you can delete those channels left behind and still use them when you click on the folder. if you don't know what i'm saying then I'd say look up how do use folders! You can also make custom mixers using the environment and then make a screen set where you'll just see those faders when you need them. I did this with BFD2 today as I used multiple outputs of the vi and put it on it's own environment layer. I then made a screenset where I could just see that VI's "mixer" off to the side so I didn't have to dig for it and I didn't need any of the faders in the arrange page. At least not until I decide to automate any of them.
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