Logic Pro 9 Hooking Up My Roland 300-SX

Harold Hill

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Hi everyone,
Can anyone help me hook up my Roland keyboard to my studio?
The set-up is pretty straightforward: Mac Pro, OSX 10.5.8, Logic Pro, Steinberg CI1 audio interface, midi interface is a Midisport 2X2.
I have the keyboard connected to the midi interface which in turn is connected to my Mac. I'm not getting any sound out of it however. Any suggestions?
Thanks very much.
Harold Hill


I take for granted that your keyboard is already emitting sound on its own...(!)

BTW, why are you still at OSX5.8?
Are you using Logic 9.1.7?
You also don't mention about the audio connections between your soundcard-and-Mac-and-keyboard(?)

Advice: do connections/disconnections between your devices only when they are turned Off.

The MIDI connection in your setup, providing that it was made properly, should allow you to play the keyboard as a controller to play a plugin instrument in Logic. And playback a recorded MIDI track (in Logic) to actuate sounds from your 300SX.

BTW, I noticed that your RD-300SX is equipped with a MIDI USB port, wich could allow you to skip the use of the MIDISport...

!!!Make sure to turn OFF the Phantom Power on the CI1 BEFORE plugging the keyboard!!!
Regarding sound coming out of your 300SX, you should connect its audio out(s) to your Steinberg CI1 audio interface input(s). Providing that connections were done properly, you should see the Steinberg CI1's peak led responds when playing on the keyboard. If drivers (for the CI1) needs to be installed on your Mac, normally you should proceed (with same) before connecting it to your Mac USB port. And usually reboot the Mac once the drivers installed.

To sum up, on your Mac there should be 2 USB ports used: one for the MIDI and the second one for the audio coming from the Steinberg CI1 soundcard.

Once all of the above completed, go in
Logic/Preferences/Audio/Devices/Core Audio
And select from the "Output Device" and "Input Device" drop down menus your sound card (if Logic have detected it, it should appear in these menus).

For the rest, you should be good to go, taking for granted that you acquired basic knowledge regarding using Logic...:D
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Harold Hill

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Thank you for the response. I cabled my 300SX directly to the Mac via USB and it's working like a charm. This form is a fantastic resource.

Harold Hill
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