Logic Pro 9 Horizontal drag, man: moving events in Piano Roll?


I've run into a hurdle in Logic's basic event handling: How to move a group of events while zoomed out, without having to zoom in enough to grab the 'middle' of an event allowing simple dragging of the entire event(s) to the left or right? I've read the latest L9 manual on handling midi events but there doesn't seem to be a way (that works for me, anyway) to override the default horizontal-drag-changes-note-length. Suggestions? Tips?

Background: I laid down 8 bars of hihats unrelated to project Tempo and wanted to start the hats at bar 1.1.0 and then map tempo to the hats, but got stuck just trying drag the bunch to 1.1.0 until I realized I needed to zoom in far enough to grab the middle of a note to do the horizontal drag...


Two suggestions:

1. Zoom out, select them all. The zoom in and grab/drag the first one form the middle. They will all follow, since they are all selected.

2. Zoom out, select them all. Open the event list and change start position of the first one. They will all follow, since they are all selected.

Tip: If you want to use the first method, set your three preset zoom levels uniquely for the Piano Roll editor. That way you can jump between three zoom levels with a single key command each. You could set one up for the zoomed out scenario (for selecting), another for the zoomed in scenario (for moving), and a third for regular operations.


Thank you, Eli, for the suggestions! I knew that when they were all selected they'd all follow (SOP for Macs) but I guess you've confirmed that there is no way to alter the default behavior when zoomed out; that only note durations can be affected. IOW, as you say, I _must_ zoom in close enough to grab the 'fat middle' of a note (or go to the Event list) to change position on the timeline.

Oh well, when in Rome...

Much appreciated, Tom