Logic Pro 9 Hosa Tracklink Midi to USB Problem


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Hello folks.

I'm trying to use my Roland EP-7 II as a MIDI controller for Logic Express and garage band. I have a Hosa Tracklink Midi to USB running to my iMac. The keyboard triggers the proper note and velocity for single notes, but when ever I play more than one note simultaneously they sustain infinitely and can't be turned off (clicking play/pause shuts them down)

I've looked around on line and found several how-to's that talk about setting up the utilities>audio MIDI setup>select your midi device ect but neither the Roland or the Hosa MIDI interface show up in the Audio Devices window.

My TonePort UX2 shows up...

This happens in Garageband too.

Hosa doesn't offer any drivers for the Tracklink cables it's supposed to be "Plug and play"

Is this the MIDI interface? Logic setting? MIDI setting?

If it's the cable please recommend a better MIDI to USB interface.

Thanks for your help.



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After checking all my settings and trying to download drivers for the Hosa cable I gave up and ordered a new MIDI interface (The MIDISPORT Uno from M-Audio)

I downloaded the updated driver from M-Audio's site, plugged in the interface and it works perfectly. I guess Hosa's cable is just not as 'plug and play" as they advertise, and they do not offer any driver support for that model on their site. Though it says it's Mac compatible, maybe it only works on PC...
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