Logic Pro 9 How 2... Convert piece of entire mix to a loop


Hi Guys,

Sorry if this is a neewbie question...

I want to take bars 24 to 25, the entire mix (all regions) and convert that to a ESX24 sample to be played/triggered elsewhere.

I've read the Converting Regions to a New Sampler Track section of the help, but am stuck. I've set my markers, I've selected all of the regions in the Arrange window, but when I go to the Audio menu, the Convert Regions to New Sampler Track is dimmed.

What wrong am I doing?



Pete Thomas

Staff member
I haven't used that feature, but I think it will only work for audio regions.

Do you, by any cancer, also have MIDI regions included in the selection?.

If so, maybe the best thing is to just to do a bounce of that bar, then add a a zone in EXS24 editor
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Hi Pete,

Yes there are midi regions as well (as a matter of fact most of them are midi).

I know I could bounce, import and trim, but I thought there was another way.

Anyone else know of a way?

(I guess I could also do it the old fashioned way of simply slicing up my regions and repeating the sections as well)?
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The bounce and import into a new track, them make into an EXS instrument is the only way I think it can be done as well... it works fine with 1 track, but if you have multiple tracks, then the bounce is the only way...
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