Logic Pro (X) How are Logic 9 users coping with Logic X?

I'm a logic 9 user and have been for almost 4 years. Thinking of giving X a go because I like the new approach for the arpeggiator plugin.

I'm wondering what the other realistic benefits or pitfalls there are with the new software? I'm an electronic composer/producer and I can't really think what else I could want that Logic 9 doesn't already do?

Is it ok to leave Logic 9 installed or does this interfere with, or double up on sample libraries etc?

Would love to have some input from users that have made the swap.

thanks in advance :)
For me, its a very small, almost non-existent learning curve. Logic Pro X is wonderful.

If you compose electronic music, you will be very happy with the new sounds, Track Stacks, Smart Controls, Arpeggiator (which is also built into Smart Controls), Retro Synth, the new Ultrabeat kits, Arranger track, etc.

I have answered this question a thousand times.... you can have both versions of Logic (Logic 9 and X) on the same computer. I'm surprised that there are still people asking about this.... I still have 9 installed on my computer so technically I didn't 'swap'. But I do use Logic X exclusively. 9 is there just in case, and sometimes when opening really old sessions I will open up 9.

My only issue, which I have resolved by the way, was the GUI. Overly dark and depressing. What I did was I installed a mod which I found on the Gearslutz forum and did some more tweaks to the Arrange window and Piano Roll. Now I am perfectly happy with the way it looks and works. I feel there is room for improvement if course.. I have sent feedback to Apple for a better mixer, better metering, fixing the Scripter bug, giving more options to tweak Logic's appearance, the option for more lanes in Midi Draw, Expresssion Maps/VST Expression-like features, more options for Automation lines and a few more which I can't remember. I suggest that if you find anything you're unhappy with to send Apple feedback using their feedback form, just Google it.
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i've had audio drop outs and crashes and still lot's of bugs. i never had drop outs and crashes in logic 9. hopefully the incremental updates fix these things.

weird GUI things. deleting a track sends logic into auto zoom mode. so deleting a track leads to a stereo maximum zoomed region on the LCD. what a treat.

i like the midi plug ins and it's more or less the same old logic in many ways.. but they did change some default key commands.. scroll and zoom for example. makes no sense to me.. i guess i can change it back but i haven't tried. used to be w/control/command i could zoom then take my finger off and scroll horizontally.. now i have to press shift to horizontal scroll. seems arbitrary to change that.

and why can't i customize the tool bar? i know i can add and remove tools but it'd be nice to be able to re-arrange them to suit my workflow.
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I had to put Logic 10.0.3 on a clean drive, away from L9. George Leger came out and helped me at least get started, even though I've been using Logic for many years. I've always had certain issues related to linking and scroll in play. My thrillkiller today is that an old standby I've used is GONE. There is no REGION in the MAIN page menu bar, hence no "merge." Yes, I can select my parts and cut them from the piano roll editor to paste back in, but hey, is there a region-->merge for midi parts from diverse tracks with the same instrument. I'm used to this for building up polyphony for keyboards, voices, etc. Frankly, Logic X is driving me nuts so far. 9 parts computer geeking and pulling my hair, one part music. I'm determined to keep up, but I can't keep this up. May have to go back to nine, which was practically effortless for me.
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Merge is now Join under the Edit menu.


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