How best to update?


In a recent thread George Leger wrote, "You don't let your system auto update, correct?" I've seen similar comments on this and other Logic boards.

Can someone explain why using the "Software Update" option is not recommended? Then, please explain how best to go about acquiring Apple's updates. Finally, is this true only for system updates? Is it unwise, for instance, to use Software Update for security fixes or Java updates or updates to Apple software such as Pages?


I think Software Update *is* the only way you can really effectively update your system and other Apple Software in the current Mac OS. But you should be aware that updates can affect third-party (non-Apple) software, like plug-ins and plug-in instruments. So you should always check with the developers if there is a software that is essential to your workflow before performing Software Update. I've personally never had a problem where Software Update 'broke' a third-party software (for minor point updates.) Be aware that a major system update (like the impending 'Lion' update) will almost certainly 'break' a lot of your software, and if there is a software you absolutely need, you should not perform this update, until compatible versions are announced and released.

I guess the point I'm trying to make is that just because the Mac alerts you that there is an update available, you should not automatically update, unless you are sure it will not cause an incompatibility issue with your third-party software. Otherwise, there is nothing wrong with the Software Update system itself.
To add, I would suggest waiting at least a couple of weeks while the early adopter do so. If there are any game changing issues, you will hear about them on boards like this.

I have seen system updates bring a perfectly working system to it's feet (there was a Quick Time update a few years ago that cause so may issues that Apple created an uninstaller so you could revert the the older version).

It is always good to just wait a bit. Guys like me, who tech systems, will figure out if it will be ok (I have a test system that is not used for day to day music that I use for testing, so if it gets damaged, not problem, I just recall the last disc back up and carry on).

You cans set the system updater to manual and then upgrade the things that seem safe to do so...

That's my take on the thing...