Logic Pro (X) How can I delete an instrument that keeps crashing LPX?


It's called Ample Guitar M(artin) Lite by Ample Sound - I have searched & deleted everything I can find but it still shows up in the Audio Units manager and crashes the Aqua Tool :confused: I want to finally be completely rid of this troublemaker, and get it out of my AU list!

Thanks in advance...
Plug-ins are stored in your Mac Hard Drive>Library>Audio>Plug-Ins>Components folder.

Quit Logic, then drag the offending plug-in from this location to your desktop or Trash.

Restart Logic. It will no longer show up in the AU manager.
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Thanks, but I have removed everything that seems to be related to Ample Guitar M Lite & Ample Sound in the components Æ’ and every place else I know to look, and it still shows up in the au list and crashes the au tool. Since it is considered an 'instrument', is there other places I should look? Some of the names of the plugs in the component Æ’ are pretty nondescript - is it possible it is named something totally unrelated?
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Did you also look in the user Library>Audio>Plug-Ins>Components?

The Plug-ins>Components folder has easy to identify plug in names. You'er not by chance looking in the Library>Components folder???

Try the free AppCleaner.
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App Cleaner requires the App to clean the remaining stuff - *I have already deleted the app and it's folder*, but obviously some culprit remains to mess up my AU scan. I think I need to post this on some other boards - there's got to be a logical answer.
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The Solution: I was not aware that there are two different libraries in the Mac OS, and different components get stored in different libraries - once I looked in the other library, I found the culprit! :)
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