Logic Pro 9 How can I monitor an external midi device?


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Hi folks

I'm using a firebox with my Roland TD9 drums into input 1&2, and my electric/mic into input 3. The issue I'm having is that I've recorded the drums as a midi track, so I can edit as I write and track it later. However it seems I can't monitor the drum track unless I have the Firebox Mixer app running, which then means I hear the clean signal of my Strat as I'm tracking. The toolbar shows midi data going out, and I can hear the drums on the TD9 phones, so why isn't the audio coming through the Firebox?

Thanks for any help!

My setup: Logic Pro 9.1.1, Firebox Audio, Roland TD9, Yamaha KX8 Controller, Fostex NF1A Monitors, ART Tube MP preamp, 2 RNC Compressors, GT AM52 condensor mic, couple'a guitars.
Open the mixer, and look for the create auxes (or something like that I can't remember for sure)

Create as many auxes you need, and set the aux inputs to the Firebox inputs that the sounds come in on. Make sure you turn the faders up, and that when they are at 0 that you are not clipping. If you are, trun down the levels OUT of the Roland.

Sounds confusing, but try it with 1 aux return, and you should hear one of your parts from the Roland.

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Thanks mate!

What I did was just create an audio track set to the right input, and it works great so far. Thanks for taking the time to reply. Cheers.
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