Logic Pro 9 How can I re-install L9?


Hi all

I want to perform complete re-install of Logic Pro but only have my Logic 8 and Logic 9 upgrade disks as 'originals' (oh, and a dongle of course); however the disks are now unreadable (I get dialogue box "Cannot open the application Logic Studio.mpkg because power PC applications are no longer supported". I contacted the Apple Forum page and was advised

"This is not a Logic 8 issue, it's a common problem with Logic Suite's original disks. You must call Apple and they will give you a free set of replacement disks (Disk 1 and 2 I believe)"

I tried that and got bounced: the only means of sending a message is generically filtered and wide of anything like Logic. The question now is who and how does one contact Apple?

I can't be alone in this, so I will be grateful if anyone can advise me?

er, yes: I am ringing from Saudi Arabia, so I am really asking anyone if they know who it is one contacts so that I don't waste time getting to the right person. Thanks anyway.
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