Logic Pro How can one have a Logic Piano + a suitable Logic Pad played by the same MIDI track?

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Dear friends, I’m rather new to Logic Pro X (but not to mixing) and have been unable to bring to the world of my Logic projects the delightful sound one enjoys when on their keyboard (mine a Yamaha) one combines in "Dual Mode" a piano + a gentle "Warm Pad." I've faced two challenges in this regard:

1. It's one thing to record onto a MIDI track one's keyboard and have that MIDI data play a Logic piano instrument in the mix. But how can one have that same MIDI data also play a second Logic instrument? The only solution I've found thus far is to create one track for the piano and another for the Warm Pad, then combine them into a "Summing Track" using Shift+Cmd+G. But is this the best solution for what I'm attempting to do?

2. My second challenge, please, is this: I can't find a single pad within Logic Pro that's a simple warm pad like the kind one customarily uses in "dual mode" on their Yamaha (or etc) keyboard behind their piano voice. Can anyone please guide me as to where in Logic I can find one? I've found a lot of esoteric pads in the library, but nothing simple like the "WarmPad" in Yamaha keyboards.

Thank you so much for any help you can give me with this! :)
Yes, creating a Summing Stack is the most easy yet versatile way. There are other ways, but these are more complicated and/or restricted.

To find a certain sound, you generally click on the Library button (top left in the Control Bar), then type one suitable keyword into the search bar of the Library pane that opens. I don't know the Warm Pad sound from the Yamaha, but I assume it's an analog synth patch with a slightly string-ish flavour and lots of release and/or reverb, so analog, soft, warm, pad or string would be some keywords to search with.

There is a small blue triangle pointer in the Channel Inspector:

Bildschirmfoto 2024-02-27 um 11.55.13.png

If this points to Setting, then you search for Channel Strip Settings (Instrument + FX) with that keyword. If you point to the Instrument (ES2 in the picture), you search only within ES2 patches, with that keyword in the name.

A similar strategy can be used if you go into the Alchemy synth and specify your search until you have a suitable selection of sounds to choose from:

Bildschirmfoto 2024-02-27 um 11.58.34.png

Oh, and then you may even start editing that one patch that gets close enough to make it fit perfectly.
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Exactly what fuzzfilth said, and try the Retro Synth too for pads. there is one standard pad patch that can get you started. Good luck.
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Hi FuzzFilth and Gio,

Thank you both so very much for your super helpful information. It was kind of you to take the time and lay things out in such detail. Today's been a mega-busy day, but I'll be plowing through your suggestions tomorrow as hopefully more time will open up. Again, I can't thank you enough for your generous help!

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