how can you tell I'm a Logic user?


You need to imagine you're getting interviewed by Dave Letterman, and he's reading off the top 10 of the night. For me, the first two are :

1. Forgetting to use the 'Direction Mixer,' not pan

2. Letting "ol' klopfi" sneak through in a bounce (aka metronomicus leakajewea)

add your own peeves
When your girlfriend talks about designers, you wonder how she knows about plug ins.
You truly believe that "screw-you-base" is a perfectly acceptable way of referring to a popular competing sequencer. And whenever you read or hear "DP" you think naughty thoughts, and realize that they are illegal in many states. :redface:
Sorry, I'm not really Ableton egotiate my way around all these puns.

Hmmm, maybe I should apologise again after that one.

Ha! Very funny. :D

Here's my 2¢

When discussing music ("Don't Fear the Reaper") and movies ("One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest") with younger musicians, they think you're referring to... Studio One. :hippy: