Logic Pro X How change MIDI channel of keyboard.

Hi All!

I was trying to work with Voice Separation and find the MIDI channel property of the note. Also "Step Input Keyboard" have this option, we can change.
How to change the same channel of the physical keyboard?
I spend some time with this issue, read forums, books and articles, but can't find the answer. Also My keyboard now have a 4th channel and I don't know how it happens.
So how this channels work? How to change the channel of my MIDI keyboard like on "Step Input Keyboard"?

I tried to make transformer on Environment (see screenshot). Now the InputView show me the 1th channel, but notes still have a 4th channel. So, why? Is it some kind different channels?

Peter Ostry

Staff member
I do not use this red MIDI button. It takes MIDI data directly after Controller Assignments, bypassing all Environment objects, even the Physical Input. This is not what I want.

If this button gives you the correct channels, then the failure most likely sits in the little keyboard object on the Click&Port layer.

For clear understanding and failure analysis, you should
  1. Watch the incoming MIDI stream with the program "MIDI Monitor" as I suggested above. Here you see all data coming from your controller keyboard to your computer.
  2. On the Click&Ports layer, delete all additional objects. Draw a cable fom the Sum input to a monitor and from there to the Sequencer Input. The monitor shows all data from your controller keyboard which made it through Controller Assignments. This is also the data you see in the transport panel.
  3. Check the channel setting on the channelstrip (without a selected region). Record some notes to a new region. The recorded notes should be identical to what you see in the Environment monitor.