Logic Pro 9 How do I access the CheezeMachine plugin?


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Complete noob here, both to Logic and to the forum, so sorry for a question whose answer I know will be obvious. I'm sure I'll kick myself when I see the responses.

I'm trying to use the CheezeMachine plugin in LE9. I've copied the VST file into Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST/ and the AU file into Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/. (I've also made a folder called 'CheezeMachine' in Library/Audio/Presets/ and dumped the .fxb files in there, although I've no idea that's what you need to do and it shouldn't affect performance of the actual synth anyway.)

I've launched LE9 in both 64- and 32-bit mode. In 32-bit I could see the CheezeMachine plug-in get scanned on boot up.

The problem is (and it is a daft one), I can't seem to access the settings. Obviously, it's not available as a software instrument in itself (doesn't show up in the library), so I insert a track with another instrument (say, elec piano) and go to the instrument strip to add an insert. There's nothing there for CheezeMachine or anything resembling it at all.

I have some old plug-ins installed in the same folder (a Studio Devil valve amp component, CamelCrusher stuff, an mda component, etc). They all have their own entries under Audio Units in the pop-up Inserts menu, but not CheezeMachine.

The same day (today) I also installed the Chip32 plugin by the same method, and have exactly the same problems with it.

I realise I'm obviously misunderstanding the basics about using these plug-ins, but the fact that I can access the older plug-ins I installed by the same method, yet not these two I installed today, is confusing me a little.

Could someone please put me out of my misery and tell me what stupid thing I'm doing wrong here?


Colin Shapiro

Cheeze Machine IS an audio instrument, so you won't find it as an insert. Go to the Instrument Slot, then AU Instruments (at the bottom where the 3rd party stuff is), then Big Tick. You should find it there.......

You may have been looking among the built-in Logic instruments which are the top section of the pop-up list.

The usual path for your .fxb files:
Your drive/Users/your home folder/Library/Audio/Presets/Big Tick/Cheeze Machine


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Thanks, Colin.

Unfortunately, checking for the instrument was the first thing I tried - it's not there (see attachment). I can't see how I've installed it in the wrong place, and it showed up as being scanned when I launched LE9, but there are no AU instruments listed at all.

Hmm. I'm sure I'm doing something stupid, but I just can't work it out.


Colin Shapiro

You're looking in the wrong place...
You're looking at Channel Strip settings.

You need to go to either the Mixer or Environment window and click-hold on the Instrument slot, which is the one just above the Output slot. See my screenshot...



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Ah, thanks very much Colin, that's solved it.

The odd thing is that I did - honestly - do that earlier but I could have sworn it didn't appear (the screenshot was of the instrument library from the channel strip because it was easier to take that screencap rather than take one of a pop-up menu!). But I guess I must have botched something earlier, as on following your instructions everything's there where it should be.

Thanks again.

Colin Shapiro

You're most welcome.

Your other missing stuff should all be there too....

It's worth being clear on the difference here: Loading a setting from the Channel strip options will load everything in a strip - could include reverbs, compressors, filters etc etc. Saving Channel Strip settings is a great way to transfer a complete "sound" from one song to another.

Using the Instrument slot loads ONLY a different instrument. So, you may have loaded a Channel Strip setting with a guitar, which has great reverb/delay/compressor etc, then just load a different instrument while keeping all the other settings.