Logic Pro 9 how do I de-activate logic window control's ?


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say i have 2 plug-ins opened, and i wish to transfer a midi file / loop from 1st plugin window, and drop it onto the 2nd plugin, assuming the plugins allow this, how do i tell logic to let this happen, ie, how do I de-activate logic window control's ?

any help appreciated


I've never seen or heard of this kind of behavior being possible within Logic. I don't know for sure that it's not. But can't think of a context where it would be.
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Colin Shapiro

Okay, I understand what you're looking for.

The default in Logic's plugins is to have the Link button switched on. (The little chain icon)
This means that as you change channel strips or inserts, the selected plugin will appear and replace whatever was open before in that window.

Just click on the Link button to de-activate it. Now you can have Trilian open and then open RMX too. When both plugins are visible (ie 2 windows open), you can drag and drop your groove from RMX onto Trilian to get the sync (groove lock) they are talking about in the movie.

Read up on the Link function in Logic - it's very powerful and useful to understand it well....

Regards - Colin
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