Logic Pro 8 How do I deal with individual wav samples in Logic?


I phrased my question pretty poorly... I don't even know if you CAN import samples into ultrabeat.... basically I have a library of individual samples, im wondering how to use them?, I've dragged them from my media browser on the right into a track but then it just opens a single instance of the sample somewhere along the track, what i want is to access these samples through different keys on the piano roll. I don't have a midi keyboard if that makes a difference. Thanks in advance for any help


One way of achieving this would be to load up Ultrabeat and insert the samples into it. From there you can use either the sequencer within Ultrabeat or the piano roll editor in the arrange page to trigger each sample.

Each sample corresponds to a key on the keyboard and these are displayed down the left hand side of the Ultrabeat window. Select which key you want to insert the sample into and then click the small triangle in the top left of the box situated in the bottom orange/brown portion of the Ultrabeat window. This box should have 'sample' selected in red bellow it and should display the waveform of the currently loaded sample. When you click the triangle a menu will appear giving you the option to 'Load Sample'. Click this and then locate the aif file you wish to associate with this key.

Repeat this process until all the samples are loaded and, bingo, you have a drum kit of all the samples you need. If you then make a new midi region in the arrange page, you can draw midi data into this which will trigger each sample at the appropriate time. You can also use the sequencer within ultrabeat and then drag and drop blocks of sequenced material into the arrange page.

Hope this helps.