Logic Pro 8 How do I import omf files from cubase?


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I am trying to import files from cubase. I have some bed tracks that were recorded of my band in Cubase that I want to work with in Logic. Any suggestions? I tried exporting the Cubase files as OMF files but they would not import into Logic. I got a error code 171 saying 64 bit truncation error. It looks like the program is trying to do something but after waiting nothign occurs.


OMF (Open Media Framework) is a horrible horrible "standard" (I use that term loosely) that doesn't work often. It has been long replaced with AAF (Advanced Authoring Format).

If Cubase doesn't do AAF, the solution could be to re-export the OMF using different settings (I don't know Cubase).

In some cases I have had luck importing the OMF into a 3rd piece of software that might happen to be compatible (say, Digital Performer or ProTools/DigiTranslator or FinalCutPro), and then re-exporting as a new OMF (or better yet, AAF if possible).
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