Logic Pro 9 How do I join audio regions together


Sorry, another new Logic User question:

I want to do the following:

1. Take a 1 measure Apple Drum Loop
2. Convert it to audio
3. Import it back into Logic.
4. Copy and paste until I have 4 measures (consisting of 4 separate regions)
5. Join them together to make 1 region, so I can...
6. Create a 4 measure fade out to end my song.

I've completed steps 1-4, but I cannot figure out how to do step 5. Once I have the solution to step 5 I believe I will be able to do step 6 on my own.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
How about a quicker way:

1. Drag the right end of your apple loop so it loops for four bars.

2. Bounce In Place.

3. Create your fade out.

PS: I am assuming you are referring to a fade out with the fade tool. Because if you are talking about a volume automation fade, there is no need at all to consolidate your four bars into one region.
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I just want the song to end by fading out over 4 measures.

I'm using a single apple loop as a drum track. The actual loop is 1 bar long.

Bass, keys are midi tracks.

Guitar is by me (audio). I simply want them all to end by fading out the same way. I read in the manual that you cannot apply fades to an apple loop, so I was going to convert the last 4 bars of drums to an audio file, as well as the midi tracks. Then once they are audio, I would use the fade tool to fade them out.

Is this the correct workflow?

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I would go with the workflow Eli suggests.

Loop/copy the region & use track automation to create fade in and out.

If you want to apply a volume fade to all tracks I.e. Fade out song at the end, then open the mixer, right click on the stereo output and choose to add channel strip to Arrange.

Press A to enter track automation mode and draw the volume fade on the Stereo output track.

There are multiple ways to achieve what you want... and you don't "need" to merge audio regions to do this.

Hope this helps
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It's a nice initiative to show off the actual thing so I listened to your arrangement. The drums, bass and guitar works very well together as a team but the piano sounds kinda on it's own. It's dry and hard panned out in my head-phones and doesn't blend with the others much. Nice melody with the unison guitar and electric-piano on that melody-line, it sounds fine. I think you should go into the FX department for the layer of the backing harmonies and sonic picture. You can add great flavors to your sonic landscaping, there's a lot of stuff in the plug-ins. IMO you should be able to mute the guitar, bass and drums and leave pianos, synths, horns or similar and that layer should still sound 'interesting' to u. Then you turn the stuff back on.. and there you go. Like I said, all in my opinion since you asked for a bit of comment. Nice guitar and bass playing and a musically relevant melody.
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Hi Ming,

Thank you very much for taking the time to provide your insight. You've given me plenty of ideas and suggestions to work with, and I really appreciate it. I'm going to try the techniques you've suggested, and hopefully my Logic skills will improve. Thanks again.


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