Logic Pro 8 How do I open AU plugins in Logic Studio 8?

I know it's a stupid question, but how do i open Audio Units in Logic 8? Ive been on PC my whole life and been on FL Studio for 6 yrs and now im using logic 8 on mac. Opening vsts is very easy in FL Studio, i feel like an idiot i can't figure this out. Someone help please!

Peter Ostry

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This is a strange question and since AU plugins
can be opened in any effect- or instrument slot,
I feel an irresistible impulse to show you this:

But maybe you miss something basic:
How did you install your AU plugins?


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- and please let us know which Plugins, their names and, (very important!) version numbers.

kind regards

well for instance, i downloaded the free native instruments kore player and installed it as a standalone and AU, now i can access it as a standalone in my applications folder. As for inside logic, when i open a blank project im wondering how to access those au plugins like kore player and open them as tracks. any help would be appreciated
Create an Instrument track. In the fader, look for the I/O section. Click and hold the top (input) slot. A droplist will appear. At the bottom of the list is a sublist with your Audio Units. By the way, you should probably try reading the manual for basic functions of Logic. You can get to the manual under the Help menu at the top of the screen.