Logic Pro 9 How do I re assign a track destination?

Hi all, I need to re assign some tracks of MIDI data to some Environment "new Instrument" Icons, I haven't found the answer in the manuals or in a series of emails with Pete Thomas. Did I miss read and this happens automatically in Logic Pro 9.1.1? SOLVED-ctrl click on track header, still not sure if this is the right way to do this for the re-mapper..??? It does assign the track to the icon but I get a GM channel strip instead of an instrument channel strip-any ideas ? Can I change the type channel strip I get when I assign a track to an Environment "new instrument" Icon?

I am trying to use Petes' combo re-mapper but I should have set the Environment up before mousing the notes into the score. What is the relationship in 9.1.1 between new instrument icons in the Environment and the type of mixer channel strips? Are they connected automatically?
I also posted this in another topic:

There's a simple way to re-assign:
Make sure you have an Environment window and an Arrange window open.
Just drag the New Instrument object from the Environment window across to the desired track in the Arrange window.
The track will now be re-assigned to the New Instrument.

Next problem:
You're getting a GM strip because when you create a New Instrument you get a MIDI instrument object. You must rather select local menu New/Channel Strip/Software Instrument

If that option is greyed out, then you have Automatic Management enabled. You can then create a new track/instrument in the Arrange window by clicking on the [+] button and selecting the number of new software instrument tracks you desire. The same number of objects will be created in the Environment.

Hope this makes sense now....

Regards - Colin
I think it's because we are in the same time zone, and I have too little patience to wait days for a reply so yours is often the first, and always solves my problem. I just got a reply to this from someone near Amsterdam, I was hoping he was as experienced and friendly as you are but his post if I recall started out with "What are you doing in the Environment? you should do this in the arrange." Thanks again.