Logic Pro 9 How do I turn a Stereo Plugin into a Multi-timbrale?


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Is there a way to turn an Instrument which has been loaded as stereo (for example from the library) into a Multi-timbral Instrument which has several AUX-channels available?


Not all instruments have multitimbral versions, but the simple act of choosing it in the instrument slot's flipmenu on the channelstrip will convert stereo<->multitimbral<->mono without losing the relevant settings.
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I think multitimbral is the wrong word here. I don't wish to be pedantic, but I think we are talking about multiple output rather than multitimbral. A stereo instrument can be multitimbral.
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Pete, it isn't pedantic when the correction is perfectly justified and accurate and necessary in case somebody else gets confused.

Me and Heretic indeed used the wrong term: we meant "multi-output".

Keep on correcting!
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