Logic Pro 9 How do I turn a Stereo Plugin into a Multi-timbrale?


Is there a way to turn an Instrument which has been loaded as stereo (for example from the library) into a Multi-timbral Instrument which has several AUX-channels available?


Not all instruments have multitimbral versions, but the simple act of choosing it in the instrument slot's flipmenu on the channelstrip will convert stereo<->multitimbral<->mono without losing the relevant settings.

Pete Thomas

Staff member
I think multitimbral is the wrong word here. I don't wish to be pedantic, but I think we are talking about multiple output rather than multitimbral. A stereo instrument can be multitimbral.
Pete, it isn't pedantic when the correction is perfectly justified and accurate and necessary in case somebody else gets confused.

Me and Heretic indeed used the wrong term: we meant "multi-output".

Keep on correcting!