Logic Pro 8 How do you cue ultrabeat


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Hi everyone,

Im finishing up a track and decided to make the beat with ultra beat. I have the beat i want made in ultra beats sequencer but i dont want it to kick in until a certain spot in the track.

However as it is now, the beat just starts playing when the track starts playing, which is not what i want.

How can you make ultrabeat start playing were you want it?

Sorry im quite a noob at making music on a comp. :)

Thanks in advance!
In the bottom left hand corner of the Ultrabeat plugin is the word 'pattern'.
Immediately to the right of that word is a little button. Mouse over it and it will say 'drag to arrange window' Simply drag that button to a track in your arrange and that pattern will be copied to that point. Do this with all your Ultrabeat patterns to create your song.

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