Logic Pro X how do you unmute region?


I've tried the mute tool, cmd M, checked the M in the Inspector and track header and the Mute button in Regions -> Inspector. I just copied the regions from a track in an Alternative, created a new track and pasted, but I cannot figure out why they are muted or how to unmute them. Looks like my MIDI guide track is also muted.
Thanks in advance.


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You have some hidden tracks FYI. Unhide all tracks to see if any are in solo'd
Either you have turned off the track via the option+m command - highlight the track and hit option+m again and see if it turns back on. If that doesn't work......
Then you likely have solo lock enabled... Turn it off with the icon up in the toolbar ( solo button with a lock on it).
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Thank you voiovicg.
I checked, there are no hidden tracks that are soloed. Wouldn't the Solo Button (under Functions) be highlighted if hidden tracks were soloed?
Where is the Solo Lock? Solo button in the Modes and Functions in the tool bar? It is not on either.

SOLVED. I opened Configure Trackheader and made visible the ON/OFF button and it was set to off.

I often get caught by things like this in Logic.
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I have the same problem edurbrow had, but mine not solved....I've hit option M, ctrl M, I also hit the CONFIGURE TRACK button as Edurbrow did.
When I hit the unmute in the window, mute disappeared and still didn't play. aaaah
What is the solo button with lock on it in tool bar?

Thanks guys. I am a newbie
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