Logic Pro X How does MCU accommodate LPX updates?


So, I've recently taken a keen interest in acquiring a Behringer X Touch.

How does the MCU protocol for this and similar devices adjust to updates in Logic that may include new functions or plug-ins?

The Mackie MCU has been around since the beginning of time and is still being sold new in the box. Along the way Drummer, Alchemy, Phat FX, Chromaverb, and De-Esser 2 have been added to LPX.

Does the MCU protocol recognize and provide automatic control for new onscreen functions, or is a meaure of user mapping required?
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The X-Touch (MCU) does not change as versions of Logic change. The controller sends and receives MIDI messages that control Logic and display relevant data for Logic.
The MCU started life as a Logic Control device just about the time that Apple acquired eMagic. Anyway...

What you want to read and pay attention to is the "Control Surfaces Support" manual which *is* the documentation for the MCU and its clone, the X-Touch.

It really helps to read through the initial chapters of the manual, and to pay very close attention to the Mackie Control chapter.

I have had my X-Touch since May 2016 and am really happy with it. It also is nice since I have a Behringer XR18 mixer that I use live and as my interface to my Mac. I can toggle between the XR18 and Logic with the press of one button.

There are modes on the X-Touch for controlling Smart Controls, but there are only so many buttons to be had ;-)
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Thanks so much for your input. I've read a number of your posts out there which did influence my interest in the X Touch.
When I started with Logic (v8), I did consider the Mackie MCU but the physical size and cost were issues at that time.

Reading the "Control Surfaces Support" is on my list of tasks to complete soon as the X Touch has been ordered! :thmbup:

In the past couple of weeks the decision-making process went along the lines of repurposing my Novation SL MKll with keys for: 1. control of Smart Controls, 2. MIDI CC controller, and 3. perhaps transport controls.

The plan now is to keep the SL MKll on hand for #2., as well as for keyswitching, and quick listening to sounds. I don't play keyboards but use MIDI Guitar controllers for inputing MIDI.

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After updating the firmware and selecting MCU mode and connection vis USB, the unit was immediately recognized by Logic after powering on again.

The Mackie Control chapter in the Control Surfaces Support document is indeed the user manual for the X Touch. The iBook version is much easier to read with the gray background.

There's a learning curve ahead, but I'm off to a great start with this unit.

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