Logic Pro 8 How many audio tracks can play on MacBook Pro 17"?

Doug Kramer

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Roughly how many simultaneous audio tracks can Logic 8 play on a MacBook Pro 17" off its internal 7200RPM drive, with no effects?

And how many with reverb on, say, 10 tracks? (Would that make much difference?)

We're thinking about buying this laptop:
MacBook Pro 17" - two 2.66Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo processors with 6MB on-chip shared L2 cache and 4GB memory

Hi Doug,
I'm running an 'antique' MBP 17"(2.33GHZ) with 2gigs o' RAM and I've been able to play 24-26 audio tracks with 18-20 software plugs (all logic synths) before I chug and the fans kick in hard. Using Space/Delay Designer on tracks took me down to 12-14 audio tracks and 10-12 synths.
You can do more track counts with an external 7200 FW drive.
good luck
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