Logic Pro how many computers?


hi all,
noob question. I have paid for Logic Pro X and have downloaded it to my main computer. I would like to download to my MBP, can I do so without additional charge? I cannot find anything that states the status of this.
Sorry if this has been covered.
thanks a great deal for your time

LogicProX 10.01
Imac I3 3.2 Ghz
12 meg of ram
Presonus Firestudio
I could be totally wrong here, so someone please correct me if that's the case, but I had assumed that Mac Appstore software was the same as all other Apple downloads and so can be installed on any of the (up to 5) machines authorised to use your Apple ID account.

Perhaps I need to read the Eula.
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Is There a Way to Save Logic X Download


I have multiple Macs that will all have to be updated from Logic 9 to X. Surely I don't have to download 35 GB for each installation? Has anyone posted a way to save the entire installer package so as to be able to install it on a different computer?

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