How realistic are the guitars in logic? (version 10.1)


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hi, I'm currently composing a song made predominantly with electric guitars. The problem is I don't own an electric guitar, so I'm using the British Stack Synth Lead, and I'm insecure as to whether it sounds realistic or not. Any tips and/or advice appreciated,

Thank you in advance :)


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Guitar is one of the more challenging instruments to recreate in software, especially due to the pretty much unlimited combinations of how it is played coupled with the type of guitar, settings, strings, amp, pedals and so on. the Sculpture preset you are referring to does a reasonable job of imitating an overdriven lead sound, but how realisitic that sound very much depends on what is being played. Don't expect to convince anyone that Steve Lukather or Larry Carlton played on your track, having said that, if you are creating a mock up it do the job.

Personally, I am happy enough to make use of the various software amp simulations when recording electric guitar (and often ask a guitarist if I may take a DI feed directly from his instrument in order to keep that option open), but replacing the guitar and player is another story

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