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Robert Wilson

Hi folks,

I imagine this is a stupid question but I've been struggling to figure it out.

I recorded two guitar parts to one stereo track - one panned hard left, the other right. I'd like to split it into individual left and right regions. Is there a simple way to do this?

I thought it would be "Disconnect split stereo file," in the audio bin but apparently not.

Pete Thomas

Staff member
I've no access to Logic at the moment, but I think what you do is is copy/convert interleaved to split stereo.

This will make two L and R files, that are still seen as L & R of stereo. So in the finder rename them (so they aren't just the same filename plus the end "L" and "R" and if you reimport into the audio bin they will be two mono files.

Sorry it's a bit imprecise, but that's basically one way to do it.
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what pete said. ( you copy/convert in the audio bin)and you can rename in the audio bin, after disconnecting them. ( it brings up a dialog box asking what you want to do with the renaming)

OR using the Audio menu>convert to new audio file OR using the right-click contextual menu on an audio region > convert to new audio file> interleaved to split

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make sure you select the audio file NOT its region
see pic


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