Logic Pro 9 How to add samples to library


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The drum samples that come with Logic are pretty good, but I have a few of my own samples that I use all the time in Pro-Tools with Sound Replacer. I also like to sample each unique drumset, so that I can add a sample of the actual drum set to the mix. I don't want to buy Drumagog, and I know that the drum samples in the library are just mono aiff files. I need to figure out how to get my samples to appear in the library, or another way to trigger my own samples.

I found the folder that all of the sounds reside in, and I even added the samples with folder names etc. They still didn't show up.

This is the last hurdle I have to overcome to switch to logic completely. I have to sell my pro-tools system to afford to buy new hardware for logic and such.

Thanks for any help!
Have you looked up the drum replacing function in Logics manual?
Also, have you looked up the "audio to midi" (or "audio to MIDI groove template") function for the sample editor?
Those should get you started pretty easily.

- Sascha


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I've been using drum replacer, but I want to replace the drums with samples I've recorded. I figured that out the day I got Logic, I just want my own samples to appear in the library.


Hi icaleb,

Yu need to explore creating your own EXS 24 instruments. The drum replacement function in Logic works by triggering samples loaded into an EXS 24 instrument. So, you need to create instruments with all your samples mapped out chromatically. Then, when you are in the part of the drum replacement process where you choose which EXS instrument to use, you can navigate to your custom instrument.

It's actually not that complicated to create an EXS 24 instrument and import all your samples and have them mapped chromatically all in one shot. Check it out in the manual. And I'm sure there are several web based tutorials on how to do it that a quick Google search will reveal.