Logic Pro 9 How to add .sf2 files to Logic?

i downloaded some sounds, and want to use in LogicPro 9
They are sf2, soundfont files.

How can they be imported so they show up in the sound list, ie, so I can access them in the mixer sound picker box?

Thanks for any answer

sf2 files

I mean gettiing these sounds, I guess as a group, I'll call them C/W sounds, in the same list as "garage band sounds" and "Logic instruments", etc.

Then they could be accessed thru the "box at top of mixer channels" area, where you can select sounds for a given already sequenced midi track


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That "mixer sound picker box", if I understand you well, if it is the one above the fader, it is in fact the virtual instrument picker box.
It is not the sound or patches you are referring to by your sf2 files, which btw are samples files...
These sf2 files need to be imported in the EXS24 (Logic's sampler virtual instrument plugin) in order to be played. Some reading is advisable...
Prior to be able to pick them up from the Settings (which is the "mixer sound picker box" above the Sends, above the fader), you would have to set the channel strip to your needs (Fx plugins and EXS24 plugin instantiated, levels adjusted) and then save that Setting.
From then on, selecting that Setting in the "mixer sound picker box" will load that sf2 sound in EXS24 and all the channel strip pre-adjusted the way you had saved it.

In short: yes it is possible!
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